Hi, my name is

Oscar Bustos

I’m a Spanish Frontend Developer with strong User Experience Design and Team Management skills. I'm a web fanatic who has been working in the world of digital media since 2011 and enjoy challenging projects from conception to completion.


Design & develop digital experiences that put people first

I've spent last years helping people create effortless users experiences and delightful digital products. This experience allowed me to acquire wide range of skills as a UX/UI Designer and Frontend Developer. Building products from the start, working side by side with stakeholders, releasing new features, analyzing users interactions, seeing how people use products and continuously improve them is what I love the most about my job!

My philosophy is kaizen, also known as continuous improvement and it’s focuses on last Web Technologies and Agile Methodologies. I like to share what I learn, that’s the reason why I build my own Frontend Framework to develop faster and optimized projects using Grunt, SASS, PostCSS and Jade. You can see more code on my Github and Codepen. Also I share interesting articles on Twitter.

I combine my job with teaching at U-Tad University where I try to inspire and share all my knowledge to future designers on different degrees.


Looking for perfection in every pixel

There are no small projects. Every detail matters, from the user experience to code performance. With this philosophy we can create strong projects. A clear example and I would like to highlight is the application of Mujer Hoy where I had the privilege of participate.


What now

Let's talk!

If you'd like to talk about a project you need help with or need an advice about user experience issue, just drop me a message at hola@oscarbustos.me. I'll respond as soon as possible.

Contact me!

If you'd preffer you can contact me at